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iPhone App Development in Seattle, WA

iPhone App Development in Seattle, WA


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We create enterprise level mobile applications that build business.

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The iPhone has had a tremendous impact on mobile connectivity. While other mobile platforms have followed in Apple's footsteps, the iPhone has been the defining force in the industry—rapidly changing the very nature of how we communicate. Transforming the mobile phone into much more than a communication device, Apple has laid the groundwork for massive independent development efforts and innovation. Throughout Seattle and beyond, the iPhone is now used for both business and pleasure, with over 250,000 applications available through the iTunes app store—more than any other platform.

Introducing Forix

Forix, a mobile application development specialist serving the Seattle community, takes a holistic approach to iPhone app development. The development process is more than just coding—it starts by understanding your company, your goals, and your business need. Only then can we begin to actually create a suitable mobile app that will accomplish your goals.

Limited Only by Your Imagination

Get a free quote on your iphone project The iPhone app development environment is a feature-rich one, and Seattle-based companies looking for iPhone projects will have very few limitations. While it's true that the screen size of the iPhone (or any smartphone) is very different from that of a standard computer, developing specifically for that size will overcome many of the interface limitations. For example, instead of linking from individual words, we suggest linking from larger icons. Navigation is approached somewhat differently, and the interface of a mobile app for iPhone should be simpler than that for a standard web display, with fewer graphics.

With that in mind though, the iPhone SDK affords us a great deal of flexibility in terms of targeting your very specific iPhone app development needs. The combination of a rich development environment, together with adherence to interface protocols designed for the smartphone display, means you'll be able to accomplish just about anything you could on a standard computer.

Business or Pleasure?

Seattle businesses often rely on their smartphones to stay in touch with customers and with one another, and custom business applications designed to suit your specific business model can help keep you on task. But of course, iPhone app development isn't just about business—there are tens of thousands of fun games and activities that can be created as well. And for the entrepreneurially-minded, all it takes is a good idea and some marketing. With the help of Forix to handle the iPhone app development, you can start selling your unique idea in Seattle and to the world.

Get Started Today!

iTunes Appstore Regardless of your purpose, you can get started with your iPhone app development project today. Seattle businesses are some of the most dynamic and forward-looking companies, and firms throughout the Seattle area are already taking advantage of the opportunities that iPhone app development brings. Contact Forix to start the discussion on iPhone app development, or projects for mobile development on the iPad, Android, Blackberry, or Windows platform