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Blackberry App Development in Seattle, WA

Blackberry App Development in Seattle, WA


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The BlackBerry still has an enormous market share, despite inroads from Apple, Microsoft and Google, and it's not about to go anywhere. One of the most popular smartphone platforms for business, it's the ideal place to start if you're developing a commercial business app, or if you're developing an internal app for use by your staff.

An Integrated Environment

Get a free quote on your blackberry project A BlackBerry app can take full advantage of the features and functions of the BlackBerry platform. Developing in Java, BlackBerry app developers are able to create feature-rich apps that are incredibly powerful. The Java SDK 6.0 takes full advantage of all of the BlackBerry browser enhancements, a strong set of user interface elements, and Wi-Fi geolocation. In addition, you can take advantage of the hardware features such as the phone and camera, as well as other existing BlackBerry apps, like the address book, or BlackBerry Maps. The most recent BlackBerry models, such as the Pearl, Bold, Storm, and Curve, have gained great popularity both in the business and consumer realm, and as a result, BlackBerry is holding its own against the iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile platforms.

Keep in mind too, that the BlackBerry's reputation as a business-centric tool may be a bit out of date. While it is still the foremost mobile tool for business, it has gained in popularity as a consumer tool, and may be a perfect social and gaming platform as well.

Selling your BlackBerry App

Seattle developers have created some of the most exciting mobile apps on the market, taking full advantage of the power of all of the many mobile platforms. The BlackBerry, until 2009, was left out of the commercial push that was started with the App Store for the iPhone. Soon, app stores became available to sell Microsoft mobile apps and Android apps as well. Last year, Research in Motion also launched the BlackBerry App World store, which has since gone a long way towards building up the number of apps available for the BlackBerry. At the same time, the app store has created a commercial opportunity for developers to target this device with BlackBerry versions of exciting and useful applications. Ask how Forix project managers can help you submit your app.

A Richer Development Environment

Forix's BlackBerry app development experts are always up to date on the latest versions and tools, and the most recent release from Research in Motion gives us even more tools to create even more feature-rich Web and wireless applications. The most recent update to the Java and web-based tools provide more access to the hardware features of the smartphone, native BlackBerry apps, and much more. It is possible for an app to integrate with the email inbox, calendar, and several other features, a capability that has already encouraged more innovation and creativity in the BlackBerry app development community.

Forix BlackBerry App Development

Blackberry App World Seattle companies looking for BlackBerry development need look no further than Forix for the community's best BlackBerry experts. And if you're developing a multi-platform app, our developers are well versed in Android, iPhone and iPad, and Windows mobile app development as well, making us your one-stop shop for all mobile app development in Seattle. Give us a call today to get started.