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Windows Mobile App Development in San Francisco, CA

Windows Mobile App Development in San Francisco, CA


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We create enterprise level mobile applications that build business.

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Among the various computer operating systems is Microsoft Windows, which is a series of software systems and graphic user interfaces created by the IT powerhouse, Microsoft. Windows applications are typically software programs that can be used on a computer that is also utilizing the Microsoft Windows as an operating system.

Windows Mobile?

Get a free Windows Mobile quote Due to its scalability and various options for customized Windows applications, it is the preferred choice for developers. Windows Mobile is a compact environment that can be utilized together with the powerful desktop operating system and extensive bundle of software programs, so it is seen as one of the most useful mobile applications. Windows Mobile is a platform that is popular with both tech-savvy and non-technical people, and its unique live update features are a hit with smartphone users.

Introducing Forix

Forix is a company serving the San Francisco market that specializes in mobile app development. Forix does a solid job of understanding your users' needs and your company's objective, allowing for optimal architecture of a user friendly app.


Windows has an array of excellent features that make the application useful and amazing, with resources that help various functions. These innovative features include Animation Manager, Graphics, Libraries, Ribbon Framework, Sensor and Location, Taskbar, Touch and Web Services. All of them combine to make applications a real delight to use.

Advantages of Windows

Windows Mobile Innovative technology, a comprehensive Windows ecosystem and connectivity give an extra edge to Windows app development. Let's take a look at a few of the benefits.

Wide Network

Windows has millions of users all over the world linked with a plethora of PC's and devices with a consistency and seamless functionality. This enables developers to have access to a widespread community that includes a partner network. There is also a global community of developers who assist one another to succeed in their Windows app development.

Diversity and Richness

The diversity and richness of the different features and programs of Windows gives developers a chance to deliver innovative and state-or-the-art applications that users can benefit from. Developers of Windows applications can get the advantage of:
  • All the latest Windows features and applications
  • A wide selection of models and languages for programming
  • A spectrum of tools for adequate support
  • Guidance and training from a community of developers