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Android App Development in San Francisco, CA

Android App Development in San Francisco, CA


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We create enterprise level mobile applications that build business.

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The Android platform is very powerful and wide open as far as possibilities go. Google drives the Java based Android OS, which has been developed it to work on multiple devices. Android marketshare is not tremendous yet, but it is stealing customers from BlackBerry and Apple everyday. The availability of android apps has exploded, and the open source community is only adding fuel to the fire.

Android App Development

When designing apps for the Linux based Android platform, it is important to have an experienced and well-rounded team working for you. Forix has a blend of interface designers, software developers and QA testers to ensure that your final product is the best it can possibly be as we prepare your app for the marketplace.

Android App Development Process

Forix project managers put your concepts into action, mapping out the various wireframes, functionality and intended usage scenarios. It is important that you see the entire process, and how users might navigate through your Android application prior to the actual programming phase. This allows for revisions and adjustments to the workflow, without costly changes to the code. The end result: a well thought out Android application that costs you less to develop, and even less to update down the road. What could be better than that?

Submitting an Android App to the Android Market

When your Android app is completed and ready for prime time, your Forix project manager will help you through the next steps of submitting your new Android app to the Android's app store. Forix wants to ensure you have the necessary guidance and support to get your app reviewed and accepted successfully.