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iPhone App Development in Portland, OR

iPhone App Development in Portland, OR


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We create enterprise level mobile applications that build business.

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Mobile connectivity has never been the same since the iPhone. Other mobile platforms have tried to tread in Apple's footsteps but it was the iPhone that blazed new trails in the industry and the way we communicate. It revolutionized the mobile phone, taking communication devices to a new level. With the iPhone, Apple laid the foundation for innovation and huge independent efforts. In Portland, and wherever you go, the iPhone is used extensively for business and pleasure. The iTunes app store has over 250,000 available apps a supply which no other platform can match.

Who is Forix?

Get a free quote on your iphone project Forix serves the Portland community with its expertise in mobile application development. Forix is unusual in that its approach to iPhone app development is holistic. In its development process, Forix goes above and beyond just coding. The first step is to understand your company, goals and business needs. Only after knowing that does Forix embark on creating a mobile app that will fulfill your objectives.

Where are the limits?

iPhone development has an environment rich in features and Portland companies with iPhone projects in mind are restricted by few boundaries. True, the screen size of an iPhone like any other smart phone is a limiting factor when compared with that of a standard computer, but that limitation is off-set by creating apps customized for the limited size. One way of overcoming the constraint is to link from larger icons instead of from individual words. With navigation you take a different approach. The interface should be designed to be simpler and smaller with fewer graphics, for a mobile app for iPhone, as compared with one for a standard web display. Nonetheless, the iPhone SDK offers incredible scope to target explicit iPhone app development requirements. A robust development ambience, amalgamated with observance of interface protocols specifically for smart phone display, allows you to achieve pretty much whatever you want to, and what you can comfortably do on a standard computer.

Use it for business or pleasure

Portland businesses stay connected with customers and each other largely through their smart phones. To keep on track they rely on custom business applications tailored to their particular business models. But there's more to iPhone app development than just business. iPhone app development can be applied to tons of fun, games and recreational activities. It doesn't stop there. An entrepreneur with a brilliant idea can look to Forix to handle iPhone app development to sell the unique idea and market it to Portland and the great world beyond the city boundaries.

What are you waiting for?

iTunes Appstore Whatever it is you want to do, today's the day to get started on your iPhone app development project. Portland boasts some of the most dynamic and progressive companies and firms that fully exploit the advantages of iPhone app developments and the benefit that comes with them. If its iPhone app development you want, you need to talk with Forix today. Forix will also handle mobile development projects on other platforms like iPad, BlackBerry, Android and Windows.