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iPad App Development in Portland, OR

iPad App Development in Portland, OR


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We create enterprise level mobile applications that build business.

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The iPad gave new life to the tablet form which had been around, but languishing for years. The iPad, riding on the astonishing popularity and power of Apple's iPhone, unleashed a new functionality and portability to the world of computing. The iPad re-scripted the concept of the entertainment platform, and, in addition, proved to be a popular delivery tool for news, books and media apart from being a good fit for healthcare and business applications. If you are in the Portland area and looking for development of commercial and internal iPad applications then Forix's experts are whom you've got to be talking with.

The iPad and iPhone difference

Get a free quote for your iPad project The iPad and iPhone are both hugely useful for business and entertainment. Each of these amazing tools have a ton of applications up and ready for use. Both have a lot in common using the same operating system, but there the similarity ends. The user interfaces are different, with the iPad holding an advantage depending on the application you plan to create. If you intend to develop an app common to both platforms, it makes no difference to Forix who can comfortably port your app between the two. To develop apps for any of the Apple platforms is exceptionally easy using the iOS SDK, which is loaded with a full set of development tools for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

You must thoroughly understand the capabilities and limitations of the iPad before beginning to create your app. Where it scores over the smart phone platform (1024768) is with its larger screen. The larger screen lets you create an app that shows content in two adjacent panels which enhances navigation and allows a user easy access to more information. Pop-overs are another tool that can easily be incorporated in an iPad app but are just not practical for the smaller smart phone display.

The various gesture recognizers are another huge advantage in the iPad. This feature is actually common to both the iPhone and the iPad. It is able to recognize different gestures like pinching, swiping, tapping, rotating, panning or long-pressing. The display is better and more flexible because your app is able to comfortably support both portrait and landscape modes.

Forix will be happy to suggest how best to improve your project and will also explain in detail the advantages in the iPad development ambience.

Your iPad development expert

Itunes appstore No matter what iPad app development project you are considering, it will help to have a specialist in iPad app development batting for you in Portland. Forix will guide you through your project by helping you envisage your application, evolve a strategy then clearly define what your application must achieve and how best to go about it. When that's understood, Forix will partner with you through the numerous steps on the way to submit your app to the iTunes App Store. With Forix by your side you need have no apprehensions. Give them a call and get started today. Forix will show you how to make your dream a reality.