As you’re browsing through your news feed, you see a picture of a wonderful island escape, and the call to action “Book Now!” You click on the ad, and get sent directly into an app to the promoted vacation deal. With little effort, you have just engaged with the advertisement, and downloaded a new app to view this deal. This is an example of Facebook’s app marketing, known as “Mobile App Ads”.

Mobile app ads help drive engagement and install conversions to your app by taking users to a customized location within your app when they click on your ad. Facebook allows you to customize your ad to your app functionality, with different images and calls-to-action. These mobile app ads are extremely effective, with a proven success rate for businesses that have already started marketing their mobile apps on Facebook.

A Look At The Numbers

  • There are 751 million mobile active users on Facebook/li>
  • Facebook ads drove over 145 million installs this past year
  • Advertisers effectively pay 20% less for each install using Facebook mobile app ads
  • There was a 5-10x increase in click-thru rates when ad distribution was introduced into mobile news feeds and log-out pages

Sure, Facebook is pushing their business advertising, But as you can see above, apps are getting results, and potentially saving marketing dollars by using Facebook ads.

Facebook Video Ads

Facebook has introduced a new marketing option for business with mobile apps – Video ads. These ads are aimed to utilize “rich”media” to engage new customers and get more installs. Videos can include things such as showcasing features in your app, product shots, and in-app screenplays. Facebook themselves have reported that using video in mobile app ads result directly in increased install rates, and a decreased cost per install


Budgets, Targeting and Optimizing

Facebook’s mobile ads let you effectively market your app to the users you want finding it, while working with a budget that you set. You can set your ad to run with only certain demographics, targeting real potential customers. Facebook promotes three ways to focus in on your demographic and budget your campaign;

  • Cost Per Impressions: Set a budget for every thousand impressions your app makes.
  • Cost Per Click: Set a maximum budget per ad click that you receive.
  • Cost Per Install: Set a maximum budget for every install that you receive. This has been recognized as the most cost efficient method.

With proven statistics, cost efficient budgeting and flexible campaign monitoring, is there a more effective way to market your mobile app?