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Mileage Tracking Made Easy

There has got to be a better way

Making mileage tracking easy for business travel is important to minimize an otherwise monotonous task. EasyBiz rose above several competitors by establishing a best of breed application that works intuitively.

The Challenge

Business travel comes with a bevvy of stresses, including tracking mileage for compensation and taxes. It is important for many businesses and employees to keep time consuming and detailed logs of their trips to help maximize mileage returns. The idea for EasyBiz was centered on accomplishing one goal: simplifying mileage reimbursements.


We stripped mileage tracking down to the bare essentials to get drivers on the road quicker without dealing with lengthy manual entries. Forix designed an award winning user interface by combining simplicity, accuracy and efficiency for an enjoyable, hassle free mileage log experience. With the EasyBiz Mileage App, you can simply pre­set a few tabs such as gas price, vehicle economy, currency/metric, and mileage rates, save the data and never re­enter anything unless you need to adjust it.


  • 2014

    2014 Winner of Best Mobile App UI ­ Best Mobile Apps Awards
  • #1

    Listed on Apple App Store as #1 Business Essentials app, as well as featured as a Best New App
  • +50

    Top rankings in nearly 50 countries around the world.


“We came to Forix with the hopes of solving a common pain point for businesses, employees and anyone else that needed to track mileage. As our strategic technical partner, they went above and beyond to design an easy to use app, giving us a competitive edge in the mobile business and financial app market. With two platinum best mobile app awards for our apps user interface, and recognition in several online business journals, including Reuters, Yahoo Finance, and MSN Money, the quality of service provided by Forix more than speaks for itself.”
– Casey Schmidt, Founder of EasyBiz