Forix is thrilled to announce the launch of the new Sexy Hair website.

With Sexy Hair’s mobile customer base outpacing the trends and benchmarks of the industry, mobile customer retention was a major obstacle in driving revenue. Customers also had a hard time deciding between multiple hair styling products. Forix developed a custom Product Comparison Tool and Product Finder Wizard that helps guide shoppers through product discovery, all while designing a mobile-first user experience.

Sexy Hair, a leading global brand that specializes in hair styling products, needed an e-commerce solution to serve as a unique educational and shopping experience. Driven by intensive user research and website/industry analysis, Forix developed a user experience to match the expectations of their core customers. With a custom integration of the Magento Enterprise platform and Craft CMS, Forix created a feature rich e-commerce blend that focused on educating the customer.

“We have some amazing custom integrations that will help us match the ongoing demand and reach mobile customers,” said Jill Pauley, Marketing Manager of Sexy Hair. “With our new site, we are equipped with the tools we need to provide a captivating brand experience.”

After implementation of the new mobile-first website design, Sexy Hair experienced a lift in mobile conversion rates, site engagement, and revenue.

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