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iPad App Development in Seattle, WA

iPad App Development in Seattle, WA


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We create enterprise level mobile applications that build business.

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The tablet form factor has been around for years, but the iPad has truly changed the game. Riding the coattails of the incredible popularity and power of the Apple iPhone, the iPad brings a new level of functionality and portability to the computing world. The iPad, besides being a popular entertainment platform and tool for delivery of media, news, and books; is also well suited to business and healthcare applications. Companies looking to develop internal or commercial iPad apps in the Seattle area need look no further than to the experts at Forix.

iPad and iPhone Differentiated

Get a free quote for your iPad project Both the iPhone and the iPad are wonderfully useful tools for both business and entertainment, and both enjoy tens of thousands of apps that are readily available. Both tools share the same operating system, but the user interface is of course, quite different, and depending on the app you are creating, the iPad may be the better choice. Or, if you would like to develop an app for both platforms, Forix can easily port your app between the two. The iOS SDK has a full set of development tools for the iPad, iPhone, and the iPod touch, which makes it exceptionally easy to develop for any of the Apple platforms.

Before creating your app, it's important that you understand the target environment, what is possible, and what the capabilities of the iPad really are. The greatest advantage of course, is the larger screen compared to the smartphone platform (1024768). Because of the larger size, you can create an app that shows content in two side-by-side panels, which is very useful for enhanced navigation and for allowing users to more easily access information. Other tools such as pop-overs, which aren't practical for the smaller smartphone display, can also be incorporated into an iPad app.

Another great advantage you'll have is the many different gesture recognizers. This feature, which is available for both the iPhone and iPad, recognizes multiple gestures, such as tapping, pinching, swiping, as well as rotating, long-pressing, or panning. Your app can also support both landscape and portrait mode easily, which makes the display even better.

Forix will help explain all of the advantages of the iPad development environment, and make recommendations regarding how to better present your project.

Your iPad Development Specialists

Itunes appstore Regardless of what type of iPad app development project you have in mind, you need to have an expert iPad app development specialist on your side in Seattle. We'll help you visualize your application, create a strategy, and then help define exactly what you need and want your application to accomplish. Once that's done, we'll help you through all the steps involved in submitting the app to the iTunes App Store.