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Blackberry App Development in Sacramento, CA

Blackberry App Development in Sacramento, CA


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We create enterprise level mobile applications that build business.

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The popularity of the Blackberry smartphone in all its varied models like Pearl, Curve, Bold and Storm have enabled the manufacturer RIM (Research in Motion) to make a distinct dent in this market and keep up with Apple's iPhone as an application platform. Widely used all over the world, the BlackBerry smartphone has captured a sizeable portion of the smartphone segment with its awesome applications.

The Java Connection

Get a free quote on your blackberry project BlackBerry app development for all the latest models is managed exclusively in Java. The platform is based on the CLDC and is supportive of MIDP 2.0. In addition however there are a number of BlackBerry-specific classes where you can write a BlackBerry application with all the standard features. With the Java development features and a diverse group of BlackBerry API's, Forix can build a wide range of impressive applications. Developing in Java enables the creation of feature-rich BlackBerry applications for these smartphones. The entire gamut of functions extending from data transfer, streaming media, GPS navigation to games, enterprise services and others are possible on the BlackBerry platform with the development tools.

Introducing Forix

Forix works with a wide variety of clients in San Francisco, and has a division of its business that specializes in mobile app development. Forix works hard to understand your company's needs and objectives, and specs out your application from A to Z. Once we have this roadmap defined, we can hit the ground running on building your new app.


Blackberry App World BlackBerry applications are typically utilized for business, and this is where the developer must look beyond the technical aspects to truly understand your company and users' needs. It is necessary to have extensive experience on the BlackBerry platform to master the delicate balancing act of technical perfection blended with business sense and the intuitive user interface. The BlackBerry platform enables access to various resources, including tools, simulators, partner assistance, videos and much more to ensure the successful development of BlackBerry applications.

Going to Market

Forix goes a step further by helping you take your new BlackBerry app to market, by helping you submit it to the app store. Forix goes the extra mile for its clients, and works to provide the assistance needed to get your app accepted and made ready for distribution.