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Windows Mobile App Development in Portland, OR

Windows Mobile App Development in Portland, OR


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We create enterprise level mobile applications that build business.

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Companies that are already using the Windows platform for their applications now have just the right answer in Windows Mobile. This platform is perfect for developing business and consumer apps which can be sold on the Windows Mobile Marketplace. Forix is skilled in Windows Mobile app development and uses its extensive skills in creating Windows Mobile apps.

Get a free Windows Mobile quote Portland, where Forix has a major presence, is renowned for some of the leading industry thinkers. You can get a lot of clout and earn a significant market presence if you leverage the Windows platform for mobile app development projects. The new Windows Phone has already made waves in the marketplace. Over one and a half million Windows Phone 7 devices were sold in the first 6 weeks of release. Not surprisingly, hardware manufacturers in huge numbers have climbed the Windows bandwagon releasing phones that run on the Windows Phone 7 OS. These are available through over 60 carriers which signifies the enormous market potential for this platform.

Why should I choose Windows?

The first and most overwhelming reason of choice is that a Windows app development for your mobile apps gives users a comfortable familiarity since most desktops run on the Windows operating system. With this familiarity, users can get right into it without having to go through a tiresome learning experience. Also, Windows dynamic interface updates in real time and blends seamlessly with many popular social networks. A huge added benefit is in integration with Windows desktop and the Office nucleus which provides a level of exchange between the desktop version of the Microsoft suite and Windows Phone 7. The multi-touch technology used by Windows Phone 7 is becoming increasingly popular with smart phone users. Depending on the hardware platform, text input can be accomplished through a hardware keyboard or a virtual keyboard.

Entertainment with Windows app development

The Windows platform affords multimedia capabilities which make it the perfect development tool for game apps and entertainment. It is the ‘made for each other' platform for both entertainment and business. Portland customers count on Forix's vast expertise and experience in developing mobile apps for both entertainment and business.

Don't let the grass grow under your feet

These are exciting times in which we live, and we are afforded many exciting new opportunities. One of the most profitable and rewarding is mobile app development. You don't really need to be a developer; if you just have a great idea Forix will take it from there. With superior SDKs from Microsoft, development has been simplified, made cheaper and rendered much faster. In fact many developers don't even require venture backing because of this advantage. And it's not just Microsoft but BlackBerry, Android, iPhone and the Google platforms which also offer advanced SDKs. So if you're a Portland entrepreneur with an idea, you should be talking with Forix.

Make Forix your Windows App Development center

Windows Mobile Forix are masters in apps development as well as in helping business and commercial enterprises succeed. Forix believes in a measured approach with understanding your business and requirements as the starting point. Opening with the initial consultation, Forix will be your advisory partner every step of the way through the developmental stage till you submit your app to the Windows Mobile Marketplace. And they'll show you how to do it. If you have the germ of an idea, give Forix a call today.