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Android App Development in Phoenix, AZ

Android App Development in Phoenix, AZ


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We create enterprise level mobile
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Phoenix Android App Development

Android is more than just a major player in the mobile industry; they are a leader. As one of smartphone's founding fathers, Android has been successful in forging a strong fan following, and making their mark in the industry. But why should you develop for Android?

  • Android carries the most diverse range of phones, tablets and screen sizes
  • Customizable homepages allow users to make their devices their very own
  • Android leads in releasing new technology and features
  • Interactive widgets allow easy and constant access to your app
  • Near Field Communication, such as MasterCard's Tap and Pay, isn't supported on other devices
  • Easy PC integration creates quick syncing and compatibility with documents

With a strong hold of 52.2% of US smartphones, and an app market that is packed with over 460,000 apps, Android is the perfect avenue to host your app.

Phoenix Android Apps for Businesses

A well-developed Android app drastically improves and grows your business in multiple ways. Whether you are looking for a solution for information sharing, or just to build a unique way for customers to redesign their garages, a custom Android app can support seamless workflow, create higher sale volumes, and expand your business reach. With such a diverse variety of phones and tablets, you can be sure that your clients, potential customers, and employees are all using Android. Why limit yourself? Expand your business with a Forix developed custom Android app.

Phoenix Android App Statistics

Still not convinced? Take a look at these statistics.

  • Android holds 52.2% of the US Smartphone Market
  • Over 460,000 apps have been developed for the Android Market
  • On average, 700,000 Android devices are activated daily
  • About 10,000 Android apps are released monthly

Developing an Android supported application guarantees a powerful app that is backed with a popular and growing platform.

Who Is Forix?

Forix is an Android app development team located in Phoenix, Arizona. We aren't just another mobile firm; we are true Android enthusiasts. Before starting on your project, Forix takes the time to gain an understanding of your overall project scope, your company's goals, and your competition. From there, we strategize and design solutions that will put you ahead of your competition. Our project managers work closely with you through every step of the development process, taking your feedback into consideration as your idea forms into a masterpiece. You will love working with Forix. When you partner with Forix, you get more than an extraordinary final product. You get an entire firm working for your success.