Forix is thrilled to announce the launch of the new Pacific Yurts website. Forix developed key features for the new website, including a 360 Virtual Tours, a 3D Yurt Builder, and a streamlined shopping experience for visitors.

Pacific Yurts is the premier yurt merchant in the Pacific Northwest. Pacific Yurts allows consumers to design, price & build a custom yurt for personal, business or government use in several sizes.

Pacific Yurts needed a more interactive way to educate visitors on features and add-ons for yurts. To better visualize different yurt floor plans and attributes, Forix developed a 3D Yurt Builder. With the yurt builder, visitors can create a yurt to their exact specifications and see exactly how it would look set up. In addition to the Yurt Builder, Forix also developed 360 Virtual Tours.

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