Advancements in technology and the skyrocketing global adoption of mobile devices has radically shifted businesses' approach to everything from advertising to product development. One of the most exciting benefits of the mobile revolution is our ability to provide sales teams with new tools to assess needs, present solutions, build quotes and more, right in the field working alongside their customers. Perhaps one of the biggest drivers of sales enablement mobile applications is the ability to easily prove the ROI in both incremental revenue and streamlined processes.

The key to a successful sales empowerment app is our ability to align mobile technology with a company’s channel strategy and sales processes. We recommend doing the necessary planning work ahead of time to clearly define what your sales goals are per vertical, and then work hand-in-hand with your sales team to understand where a new sales tool can best add value, alleviate pain points and perhaps even shorten the sales cycle.

Recently, the mobile team at Forix launched a new powerful tool for Franklin Controls Systems. Even as the innovative leader of control systems, Franklin didn’t have a way to fully support its sales team and distributors in the field. Sales processes were complicated, time consuming, and relied heavily on their ability to continuously develop the knowledge and comfort levels of the distribution partners.

By integrating their Magento e-commerce platform into a native sales empowerment app, we built an all-in-one application that provided all the tools necessary to drive more sales. Franklin Control Systems' new app is a powerful sales tool that allows customers to clearly define their needs, and sales associates to provide tailored product recommendations. This included developing a complete product catalog and technical library accessible both online and offline so sales and distributors could use it no matter where they were. For more info and visual examples of Franklin Control System's new app, visit our Work Page here.