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Android Tablet Development


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Android tablet development leverages a variety of benefits. With multiple device shapes and sizes, Android tablets tend to lend themselves to greater extensibility, and even offered features later adopted for apple products. With external ports, file management, and an array of shapes and sizes, Androids tend to be more practical when it comes to utility. Some benefits include:

Sizes may range from 7 all the way up to 25
Cost can start as low as sub-$200
Have very similar, if not equivalent functionality to iOS tablets
Can utilize IR, USB and other external media in most cases.

The new available sizes give users, and businesses alike more opportunities and more ways to apply their apps. By developing specifically for Android tablets, you develop an app that looks and works seamlessly across multiple devices, all at once.

Forix is one of the few firms with real experience developing for Android. While most development shops focus simply on iOS and Apple devices, we have made it a point to become experts in Android as well. Take advantage of this popular platform and develop an Android based tool.