It's no secret that mobile e-commerce, or “M-commerce” is taking over the world of online sales. Customers are turning to their mobile phones and tablets to research businesses, compare prices, and buy goods. Statistics show that 61% of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience. This is reflected directly through sales. Paypal mobile alone has seen an increase of processing almost $14 billion in payments in 2012, over 3 times more than the amount in 2011. With figures like these, it is important that your have a mobile version of your store for your users.


How Is A Mobile Website Different?
Content Prioritization – When your potential customer is using their phone, you only have a few seconds to give them the information they want before they hit the back button and look elsewhere. A desktop style design generates a frustrating navigation process when using a mobile device. By prioritizing your content for a simple user experience, you provide convenience, which turns a potential client into a paying customer.

Different By Design – Designing a layout for mobile requires strategy. There are so many questions to consider. What are the 1 or 2 most important things your customers will be looking for? What parts of your business do you want to highlight? What can you do to convert a sale quickly? By showcasing your business in a quick, mobile friendly manner, and including features such as one-touch calling, you eliminate obstacles to sales or interactions.

How Were Your Black Friday Sales?
On Black Friday, e-commerce sales surged in 2012, with 24% of purchases coming specifically from mobile devices. This is almost double from the previous year. Take a look at the numbers below from the largest online retailers.


The Growth of M-Commerce


  • ”M-commerce”, or Mobile E-commerce sales are expected to increase 68% according to Forbes.
  • By 2017, M-commerce sales are expected to easily exceed $100 billion, as predicted by eMarketer.

Just a few years ago, most of us considered e-commerce to be exclusively purchases from personal computers. With more buyers than ever before leaving their laptop at home or at the office, it is important to ask yourself – “How much money is being left on the table by not having a mobile or responsive site?” Don't miss out on the changing landscape. It is easier than you think to keep pace with your consumers' buying behaviors.

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