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Android App Development in Los Angeles, CA

Android App Development in Los Angeles, CA


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Los Angeles has become a prolific center for the country's most innovative applications on the Android platform. The city is now synonymous with some of the most stimulating apps in the industry. There are several advantages associated with development on the Android mobile operating system especially when created in conjunction with Forix mobile a developer par excellence in industry perception, creative expertise and technical skills.

What advantages does the open platform provide?

Users are offered a choice of several mobile platforms so when creating a commercial app it makes sense for a developer to develop an app that caters to all of them. Forix is a developer that is conversant with all platforms and can develop mobile apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, as well as Blackberry and Windows. However the Android platform offers some distinct advantages to Los Angeles's business community. Being an open source platform, Android offers flexibility unmatched by other platforms. This means you are not tied down by any particular company. If a capability is not available, Forix can create it. With its incredible growth, literally thousands of developers have climbed on the Android bandwagon tinkering and refining the platform, adding new and interesting capabilities and redefining those already developed and in use.

The best Android development in Los Angeles

Forix's talented mobile development team is second to none in Android app development. We've been working on the Android software development kit ever since this platform was released way back in 2007. In the intervening years we have created some of them most useful and inventive mobile apps available. You have to know what you're doing when planning an Android app. In Los Angeles you need to locate an Android app developer who has not just the required skills but also the business perception necessary to get a grasp and total appreciation of your business and commercial objectives.

Android the trend-setter

Apple's iPhone was the pioneer that started the revolution, but today the market is replete with a host of players snapping at their heels. There are already an estimated 200,000 mobile apps or more on the Google app store and third party sites for the Android platform. Throughout the second and third quarters of 2010, Android held an unassailable lead in the country when it came to smart phone handsets. That's a great position to start from if you're planning to create a commercial app to be put on the market. Regardless of what the app is designed for whether you want to create a unique corporate app strictly for internal use of a commercial product to be put on the market, Forix is the Android development source you want to meet with in Los Angeles.

You want to start your Android app development today? What are you waiting for?

Forix is the epicenter for Android app development in Los Angeles. We are the experts when it comes to Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows and Blackberry mobile development. We're always there for you. So give us a call today and let us handle your most complex mobile development needs.