Forix is thrilled to announce the launch of the new Easy Biz app.

Forix stripped mileage tracking down to the bare essentials to get drivers on the road quicker without dealing with lengthy manual entries. Developed for both iOS and Android, the EasyBiz app is easy to use. Users simply pre-set a few tabs such as gas price, vehicle economy, currency/metric, mileage rates, and save the data and never re-enter anything unless adjustments are needed.

The idea for EasyBiz was centered on accomplishing one goal: simplifying mileage reimbursements.

EasyBiz's main challenge was designing an experience that would easy to use to encourage user acquisition and retention. The key to a great mileage tracking app was minimizing effort.

“We came to Forix with the hopes of solving a common pain point for businesses, employees and anyone else that needed to track mileage. As our strategic technical partner, they went above and beyond to design an easy to use app, giving us a competitive edge in the mobile business and financial app market. ”