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BlackBerry App Development in San Denver, CO

BlackBerry App Development in San Denver, CO


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Resisting relentless onslaughts from Google, Microsoft and Apple, but the BlackBerry still holds a significant and unassailable market share. The BlackBerry ranks amongst the perfect smart phone platforms for business. If you plan to develop a commercial business app or an app for internal staff use, a BlackBerry platform is the ideal place to start.

An all-inclusive environment

The BlackBerry platform fully exploits the full range of mobile functions and features. Using Java as a development medium, BlackBerry app developers are enabled to create amazingly powerful apps endowed with incredible features. All BlackBerry browser enhancements are utilized by Java SDK 6.0 including Wi-Fi geolocation and a powerful user interface elements base. One can also take advantage of the other intrinsic hardware features like the phone and camera, address books and BlackBerry apps. BlackBerry sustains the competition from Android, iPhone and Windows platforms largely because of the popularity of its most recent models like Bold, Pearl, Storm and Curve in the consumer and business market.

However BlackBerry's reputation of being a business-centric tool has taken a hammering, being somewhat dated. Nonetheless it is still at the vanguard of mobile tools for business applications having gained in popularity as a consumer tool. In addition it provides an ideal social and gaming platform.

Marketing your BlackBerry app

Some of the most exciting mobile apps on the market have been created by developers in Denver, exploiting the power of the various available mobile platforms. Until 2009, the BlackBerry was out in the cold, overshadowed by the impetus created by iPhone's App Store. Research in Motion retaliated last year by launching the BlackBerry App World Store. This has given a significant boost to the number of Blackberry apps that are now available. The app store has spawned a new commercial opportunity for developers who can create useful and innovative applications in Blackberry versions to zero in on this device.

A rich development ambience

Forix's application and development team is abreast of the newest tools, versions and releases from the Research in Motion stable. This gives them more tools in their armory to create the ultimate in Web and Wireless apps with an abundance of novel features. The most recent update of the Java and web-based tools is a passport to the more than just the smart phone's many hardware features and indigenous BlackBerry apps. It is possible now to integrate an app with the calendar, email inbox and various other features. This capability has provided a significant impetus to BlackBerry developers in the creation of more useful, inventive and exciting apps.

Your Blackberry app development with Forix

Forix is the home of Denver community's best BlackBerry experts who are there to work with developers interested in BlackBerry development. If it is a multi-platform application you are looking for, then Forix's developers have the answer in iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows app development. You can't do better than Forix as a single window for all mobile app development. Call and check us out today.